At both Oldfield Park Infant and Oldfield Park Junior Schools we encourage all children to wear our school uniform. We believe that our uniforms create a sense of identity and community and protect the children from social pressures to dress in a particular way. We also believe that children should understand that we dress in particular way for school which distinguishes school life from leisure time and other occasions.

We are proud of each of our logos, and wearing school uniform, in particular the school sweatshirt, helps to reinforce a sense of pride and belonging to each of the school communities.


Naming of items

It is expected that all items of school uniform will be clearly and permanently named.


Main items of uniform

A range of school uniform items including sweatshirts, polo shirts and jackets are available with the appropriate school logo on them at a reasonable cost from our supplier Scholars . The schools regularly review their choice of supplier to ensure best value / quality for parents.

Items can be purchased from the shop in Bath City Centre

At the infant school children may also wear plain white or pale blue polo shirts and plain navy or royal blue sweatshirts, jumpers or cardigans.

At the junior school children may also wear plain white or navy shirts or polo shirts.

Both boys and girls may wear navy, black or dark grey trousers and the girls also have a choice of wearing navy, black or dark grey skirts or pinafores.

The girls may wear blue and white checked dresses in the summer and the boys tailored navy blue, black or grey shorts in the summer.

Items in other colours or with alternative logos are not appropriate.



White, grey , navy or black socks with black shoes complete the school uniform. Shoes may be of any style that is suitable for school and allow the children to run and play safely. Crocs and other informal styles of footwear are not suitable for school.

In the winter tights may be worn in plain grey , black or navy blue. At the infant school royal blue tights are also acceptable.



Long hair styles should be tied back for the school day. Extreme hair styles and colours are not appropriate for school.



Jewellery should not be worn for safety reasons. Children with pierced ears should wear studs.


P.E. Kit

For health and safety reasons all children change for Physical Education lessons.

Infant School ~ our uniform consists of navy blue shorts and a royal blue T-Shirt with the school logo. Alternatively a plain white or royal blue T shirt may be worn. Daps are required for games out doors. They are not required in YR until the late Spring Term.

Junior School ~ our P.E. uniform consists of navy shorts and a T-Shirt the colour of which depends on the house the child is in. New children are allocated to one of four houses : Allen (Red), Brunel (Green), Minerva (Yellow), Nash (Blue).  Daps or trainers are required for outdoor activities. In colder weather children may wear a pair of navy track suit bottoms over their shorts for outdoor P.E. sessions

P.E. Kit for both schools is available from www.stparent.co.uk together with P.E. Bags


Book Bags

Infant School ~ each child is expected to have a book bag to carry reading books safely to and from school. These are also available from Scholars.


Water Bottles

Children should bring a bottle of  water to school daily. The container should be transparent and have a non spill lid. Suitable bottles are on sale in the school offices.


Second Hand Uniform

Infant and Junior Schools ~ The PTA runs a termly ‘nearly new  uniform shop’ to enable parents to purchase good quality items at a lower price.

The school also keeps a number of spare second hand items which may be offered to parents free of charge where needed. We welcome donations of uniform items that are in good condition and no longer required.


Other Considerations

We are mindful that some children may be less able bodied or have specific cultural traditions. Wherever possible the school will make adaptations to the uniform that meet their needs and allow children to feel included.



Reviewed by Joint Governors 06.06.13