Family SEAL

From the moment a baby is born, he or she starts to learn about the world and the social, emotional and behavioural skills needed to be a successful learner. The young child does this through continuous interaction with the people who are important in his / her life.

It is when children start at nursery, pre-school or school that they often have their first experiences of groups of other children and a wider range of adults.

In school we use the SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) curriculum to support children in their learning through a range of activities that are designed to help them develop the following skills and attitudes:-

: Self awareness
: Managing feelings
: Motivation
: Empathy
: Social Skills

The Family SEAL project involves parents in working with the school and alongside their children to support the development of these skills.
It is an opportunity for parents and carers to understand more about the learning and teaching that takes place in school and to share ideas.

There are six themes which we explore in our SEAL learning in school , 1 per term.

Each term we are inviting parents to attend an introductory assembly at the beginning of term and the follow up assembly towards the end of the term.

There will also be a workshop each term at which parents and staff will share ideas and learn together about the fun and challenge of supporting children to develop their skills.
At each workshop parents and children have the opportunity to complete activities together.

More detailed information is available about the SEAL programme by following this link.

As the project progresses we will be posting information from each session and photographs of our activities on this section of the website.

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