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The Dance Umbrella

We would like to say a HUGE well done to the children that took part in the Dance Umbrella on Tuesday evening. You were incredible and we were SO proud of you all. The children performed a routine to music from The Greatest Showman and they had the audience singing along!

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Our Theme Week Science Activities


As part of our theme week on science and technology we have carried out a few scientific investigations, all to do with the theme “Journeys”. We made cone shaped mice and tried to see how far they would fly. We made card helicopters to see which ones can fly for the longest. We also designed extra attachments to Mrs Armitage’s bike and made our very own cars with card bodywork and chassis, cardboard suspension and straw axles with cotton reel wheels.

You’ll have seen these at our mini science fair after school on Friday.










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Extreme Reading

As part of our World Book Day celebrations the children were given a challenge to do a bit of extreme reading in unusual places – but hopefully not putting anyone (including themselves) in danger!

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T4 Topic Leaflet

Please click on the link below to see the details of our Y2 topic for this term.


Topic Leaflet T4 Our Island Home

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