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Art In Action

Squirrel Class have had the chance to explore the paint and mix colours. Now it is time to use those skills to create portraits in the style of Marc Chagall. He is known for not only painting the portrait but also including items in the background that are important to that person. So the children are painting themselves with the most important things to them in their background too. Things like family members, pets, toys, friends, the garden, trampolines, bikes and even cuddly toys.

Painting (15) Painting (13) Painting (8)Painting (4)


Painting (7) Painting (3) Painting (2) Painting (1)

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Squirrel Class enjoy their class treat

As a reward for all their hard work Squirrel Class achieved their class treat by getting to the top of the class lily pads at the end of T5. They chose extra Golden Time and football games. The school playground wasn’t available so it was crab football in the school hall instead. Here they are in action…


IMG_3035 IMG_3027IMG_3030 IMG_3028


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Learning maths together with our parents

During our open afternoon workshop we were showing our parents how we learn maths at school, especially when we do more practical activities. We were¬†learning about money, measuring, shapes, symmetry and numbers. Here are a few photos of how we were actively learning…

IMG_2904 IMG_2901

IMG_2909 IMG_2907 IMG_2905 IMG_2903

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Our trip to the SS Great Britian

A superb day out at the SS Great Britain on Wednesday.

During the visit we:

Went to the dry dock and under the sea without getting wet.

Visited the museum.

Had a tour of the ship with Eddie our tour guide. What a lot of sights and smells! The first class passengers were very lucky.

Ate our lunch, trying to keep away from those pesky seagulls!

Did a workshop with Natasha about what the children would have done on board ship to keep amused.

We even had time to have final look around before the journey back to school.

IMG_2769 IMG_2768 IMG_2762 IMG_2750









IMG_2787 IMG_2785 IMG_2775 IMG_2773













IMG_2802 IMG_2799 IMG_2798




IMG_2826 IMG_2824 IMG_2821 IMG_2817




















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