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World Book Day

On the Snowiest day of the year we dressed up for World Book Day. The children came dressed up as their favourite characters which included Harry Potter, The worst witch and the even the Queen from ‘The Queen’s knickers’. The children put a lot of effort into their costumes!

We discussed our favourite books and why we liked them so much. Here are some of our favourites.

We love:

Fantastic Mr fox

Horrid Henry

Diary of a wimpy kid

Charlie and the chocolate factory

The worst witch

What is your favourite book?

We were also treated to a session of tennis coaching (which was quite challenging in some of our costumes!) Can you spot what characters we are?

World Book Day is a great day to celebrate the power of books and the journey they can take us on. All the children were given a £1 voucher to spend on a book of their choice. I look  forward to hearing about what book they choose!



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Visit from the School Nurse

The school nurse visited Rabbit class to talk about ‘Being healthy and the safe use of Medicines’.

We had a great time learning lots of important information and we also had the opportunity to dress up as a nurse and act out different scenarios.

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Theme week- Transport

During the first week of February the whole school took part in theme week looking at the theme of Transport.

We started the week with a fantastic Space workshop where the class were transported into outer space and were set the mission to explore the different planets. We also carried out some exciting science investigations. We investigated how far cars can travel over different surfaces and also developed our measuring and recording skills.

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Dance Umbrella 2018

Well done to all of the children that performed ‘I Just Can’t Wait To Be King’ at the Dance Umbrella 2018. You were amazing. We hope you had lots of fun!

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