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Here are some photos of our amazing Science Day!









Reception were investigating magnets.






Year 2 were learning about friction – which material was the best for rolling a car on?















Year 1 were finding out all about how air can be a force. Which balloon rocket went the furthest? Why?





























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Christingles and Jumpers

The term ended with a Christmas Jumper Day where everyone wore a festive jumper to add to the pre Christmas celebrations.

A Christingle Assembly was held at the end of the day. Every child had made their own Christingle which were all lit to add to the atmosphere in the hall. Some Year 2 children read about the history of the Christingle and each year group sang a song from their nativity or concert. It was an excellent way to celebrate Christmas before we all went home.

Merry Christmas to all!



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Meet Fox Class 2017

DSC07396 DSC07395 DSC07394 DSC07393DSC07392 DSC07391 DSC07390 DSC07389

DSC07388 DSC07387 DSC07386 DSC07385DSC07384 DSC07383 DSC07382 DSC07381DSC07380 DSC07379 DSC07378 DSC07377

DSC07403 DSC07404 DSC07402 DSC07401DSC07400 DSC07399 DSC07398 DSC07397



























































































































We painted self-portraits. We looked carefully in the mirror at our different skin, hair and eye colours and experimented with colour mixing. We are learning to select colours for a specific purpose and to make darker and lighter shades of a colour. We also tried to control our paintbrushes carefully so that we were able to fill in the shapes that we had drawn. We are now enjoying spotting similarities and differences between ourselves and our friends.



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