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Year 1 Gruffalo Day

We had lots of fun on our Gruffalo Day. We made Gruffalo cakes and went on a hunt for his eyeballs! and lots more activities too!










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Have a look at our Gruffalo Paper Bag Puppets.

DSCF3183 DSCF3184 DSCF3185 DSCF3186 DSCF3187 DSCF3188 DSCF3189 DSCF3190 DSCF3192 DSCF3193 DSCF3194 DSCF3196 DSCF3197 DSCF3198 DSCF3199 DSCF3200 DSCF3201 DSCF3202 DSCF3203 DSCF3204 DSCF3205 DSCF3206 DSCF3207 DSCF3208 DSCF3209DSCF3180 DSCF3181 DSCF3182

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