Classroom Post

Squirrel Class go to the SS Great Britain

Term six and its time for our class trip to the SS Great Britain. We took the coach and managed to get there in good time for our tour of the ship with Captain Eddie. We saw the place the animals were kept on deck, the place where the ship was steered. To get there the children even let the adult cross the first class line and go into the bow of the ship! We went down to the first class dining area before having to put up with the dark and smells of the steerage area ( for the poorer passengers). I was horrible, smelly and cramped. We saw the engines, galley, heads, butchers room and even the ladies boudoir 9 Not even the captain is allowed in there.

After our lunch we had a workshop about how the ship was built with Natasha, before dressing up for the grand launch of the ship…

What a great day it was!