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The Crimean War and Scutari Hospital

During the Crimean War in the 19th century, the conditions for the injured soldiers were horrific.









Florence Nightingale took a team of 38 nurses to Scutari Hospital in Turkey to try to help. When they arrived they were not welcome and told by the doctor that women were not needed, but that they could stay for a short time before they set off back to England.










They sneaked out of their dormitory and went see for themselves and were so shocked by the horrendous and terrible conditions that the poor injured soldiers had to live in that Miss Nightingale decided to do something about it.










They cleaned and scrubbed, organised for fresh bandages, pillows and blankets and cooked better meals for the troops.









Eventually the doctors saw that conditions were getting better and allowed the nurses to help and treat the injured soldiers.









Each night Florence Nightingale walked the 4 miles of corridors and rooms to check on every soldier. She never missed a man out and spoke to all the men who wanted to talk to her.










The men who got better were allowed to leave to go home or back to fight in the war. At least now the men had a chance of surviving their wounds and not catching diseases from going to the hospital!