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Julia Donaldson Costumes

As part of our ‘There’s more than just a Gruffalo don’t you know! celebration day, we all dressed up as different characters from Julia Donaldson’s books.

There were so many different amazing costumes!


The witch from ‘the Room on the Broom’

Princess Pearl from ‘Zog’

The monkey from ‘Monkey Puzzle’

Charlie Cook from ‘Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book’

The butterfly from ‘Monkey Puzzle’

The shark from ‘Tiddler’

The dragon Zog from ‘Zog’




The witches pumpkin fron ‘The Room on the Broom’

The bird from ‘The Room on the Broom’

The ladybird from ‘What the Ladybird Heard’

The dog from ‘Room on the Broom’

The giant from ‘The smartest Giant in Town’

The cat from Tabby McTat’